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Eaton Bellows Duster

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Product Description

 Available in green as shown above only

Eaton's Bellows Duster 
 Our Technicians Choice!

Duster for applying insecticidal dusts & powders like a professional.
Easily dust voids and cracks & crevices.
  1. Hold Upright (tip on bottom) for heavier powders.
  2. Hold sideways (as shown) for medium dusting
  3. Hold duster upside down (tip on top) for light dusting  
  • Pop-off top for easy filling
  • Internal spring designed for easy use and less hand fatigue
  • Quick disassembly for fast cleaning and less downtime
  • Distinctive gray color with black top and bottom banding
  • Metal parts made of galvanized steel with Green Powder Coat for a long, dependable life
  • Can be held upright or inverted for better dust dispersion control


 Available in Green Only




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