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Havahart Model 1085 EZ Set

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Havahart Model - 1085-EZ 

Easy Set - 1-2-3

1. Unlock trap by turning safety latch upward.

2. Slide handle towards back of trap until it locks into position.

3. Trap is now set.

Perfect for Raccoons, Stray Cats, Woodchucks/Groundhogs & Armadillos.

One spring loaded door, solid top and an easy setting method!

Best Baits:

The following are good bait suggestions for raccoons.

Fish, fresh or canned
Honey or sugar covered vegetables
Smoked fish
Sweet corn
Cooked fatty meat
Crisp bacon
Marshmallow is a favorite!

The following are good bait suggestions for groundhogs.

Fresh string beans
Sweet corn
Vanilla extract

The following are good bait suggestions for cats.

cat food - canned & dry

The following are good bait suggestions for Armadillos.

Meal worms
spoiled meat
overripe fruit

The Havahart 1085 EZ Set Live Animal Trap
Ideal for Raccoons, Stray Cats, Woodchucks/Groundhogs & Armadillos

Set and Release mechanism, located on top of trap, limits interaction with animal

Trap can be set with one hand

High tensile wire mesh makes trap more durable without making it heavier

Animal-safe design: Rolled metal edges and snug fitting doors eliminate sharp surfaces and gaps that could harm the animal.

Be aware of weather conditions. Trapped animals should not be left out in the elements as they can die from prolonged exposure to heat and cold.

Check traps FREQUENTLY. Wild animals stress easily and may seriously injure themselves as they attempt to escape.

Other animals besides the target animal may get caught in the trap. If this happens, advice on releasing it safely can be obtained from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your state.

Depending on the time of year, you may trap a nursing mother and if you relocate only her, her babies will not survive. To see if you've trapped a nursing female, stand the trap on one end to observe the belly.

Traps should be washed, disinfected with a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts of water and let it remain on for 20 minutes), and thoroughly rinsed after each capture to stop the spread of any potential disease. Animals frequently defecate and urinate when captured and it is unhealthy to put bait down unless trap is cleaned thoroughly.

Closed door dimensions 32 x 12 x 14"

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