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ECO PCO ACU Aerosol Botanical Insect Spray

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 Product Description

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 ECO PCO ACU Aerosol Botanical Insect Spray


Unscented Botanical Aerosol Insecticide

Environmentally safe unscented plant oil (Hexa-Hydroxyl) based contact-kill insecticide labeled for a wide variety of insect pests to include:



Bed bugs, fire ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, cockroaches, German & American cockroaches, cat fleas, cellar spiders, wolf spiders, brown dog ticks, European earwigs, carpet beetle larvae, field crickets, lady beetles, pantry pests, nuisance ants, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, pillbugs, sow bugs, house flies, southern fire ants, southern house mosquitoes, thief ants, little black ants, big-headed ants, pavement ants, leafcutter ants, acrobat ants, odorous house ants, velvety tree ants, pyramid ants, field ants, crazy ants, cornfield ants, large yellow ants.


Use EcoPCO ACU Aerosol in place of conventional pyrethrins or synthetic pyrethroid pressurized insecticides as a contact kill indoors for listed pests. EcoPCO ACU is all natural, making it ideal for sensitive environments where residual or conventional sprays are prohibited or undesirable. EcoPCO ACU Aerosol is effective as a contact and crack and crevice treatment for many common crawling insects including roaches, spiders, ants, pantry pests, and bed bugs. The aerosol particulates are fine enough to treat flying insects, and the included crack and crevice straw makes treating small spaces easy.


For use in these areas:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial buildings with the following exceptions: Do not use in commercial food/feed handling establishments, restaurants, or other places where food/feed is commercially prepared, processed or stored. Do not use on food preparation surfaces. Avoid spraying plants. Do not apply to water.



Active Ingredient:

2-Phenethyl Propionate ...............0.10%

Other Ingredients .......................0.90%

*Contains petroleum distillates

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